Why wellbeing is more important than curriculum coverage with Adrian Bethune PP253

Adrian Bethune

Mark Bocker picks the brains of Wellness champion, Adrian Bethune this week.

Adrian Bethune is a Healthy Body and Mind Leader and Teacher at a primary school in Hertfordshire. He was awarded a ‘Happy Hero’ medal at the House of Lords on the UN International Day of Happiness in 2013, and has been on stage with the Dalai Lama and Lord Richard Layard in 2015 talking about teaching happiness in his school.

He is passionate about children’s mental health and happiness and has been interviewed by numerous national newspapers and other press organisations, including The Telegraph and Teach Primary Magazine. Adrian is founder of www.teachappy.co.uk

Adrian is the author of, Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom – A Practical Guide to Teaching Happiness, which is out now:

In a wide-ranging, in-depth discussion, Mark and Adrian explore the importance of wellbeing for children and adults in our schools as well as Adrian’s story and plans for the future.

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