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Paul Dix
Paul Dix
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Kevin Mulryne

For our first episode of the new academic year, we welcomed award-winning teacher, author and consultant, Isabella Wallace, to the podcast.

Isabella taught in the classroom for 16 years and held senior positions in schools including staff coaching. She became an Advanced Skills Teacher because she didn’t want to get pulled into management, out of the classroom. She enjoyed this role as it led to work across all the Key Stages and across schools. As part of this role  and as a result of publishing her first book, Pimp Your Lesson, she began to train teachers.

Isabella Wallace
Isabella recording the podcast episode

What convinced Isabella to go into training was the sheer number of poor INSET days she had to sit through in her time as a teacher. In fact, she can only think of one session which was worthwhile.

Isabella believes that training needs to be practically useful and have an impact on classroom practice. It should make classroom teachers’ busy lives easier.

Isabella explains that the first version of ‘Pimp Your Lesson’ was born out of a desire to help classroom teachers not be so nervous about lesson observation. She talks about her own experience of going into ‘nervous worry mode’ when she knew she was going to be observed. Today, great teaching over time is more valued that single observations so the book has changed its focus towards a focus on each aspect of consistently great teaching, establishing outstanding learning as the ‘typicality’ in your classroom…

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