Scripted behaviour interventions – PP10

Paul Dix
Paul Dix
Kevin Mulryne
Kevin Mulryne

Our topic of the week is scripted behaviour interventions.

This time, Paul and Kevin discuss one of the fundamental building blocks of classroom behaviour management – scripted interventions.

This is a type of intervention you would use when a pupil has ‘dug their heels in’. After trying a few small nudges, you aren’t getting anywhere and it’s time to turn to your pre-planned script.

The script gives you are clear plan of how you can get into the interaction with the pupil, deliver your message and then get out, with your dignity and the child’s intact. The script gives you all you need to be sure you can make this positive intervention in no more than 30 seconds.

Surprisingly, it is possible to use the same script with all children – they value the concept of teachers using a predictable approach, ensuring fairness and equality.

Memorising the script once you have structured it is the easy bit. Good schools and teachers use the same script, the same process in the same order whenever it is needed. Paul has used the same script in all appropriate circumstances for over 20 years. He has also seen amazing transformations in schools where a single script is used consistently…

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