Resetting behaviour management – PP9

Paul Dix
Paul Dix
Kevin Mulryne
Kevin Mulryne

Our topic of the week is resetting behaviour management.

Paul and Kevin discuss resetting the behaviour management in your classroom this week. It’s possible to make a few simple tweaks to reset your expectations and reset your relationships with the class.

There are bound to be plenty of positives from the first half of term but sometimes the boundaries do need to be redrawn and a fresh start made – not only by newly-qualified teachers but also by experienced teachers for whom it does sometimes go wrong as well.

Paul describes from his own experience the power of standing in front of a class where his behaviour management had gone wrong and apologising to the pupils. He honestly explained what he had done wrong, pointed out things he wanted to change in his own behaviour and showed a little humility. The class were silent but six weeks later some individuals came up to Paul and told him that he was the first teacher who had ever apologised to them and how much they appreciated it. That was a great way to start the process of change.

In behaviour management, humility is strength –

it can be a great way to model the behaviour you want in your pupils. Be honest with the class. Trying to change behaviour without the apology can be a risky thing to attempt. The things which happened previously can’t just be forgotten – relationships will have been damaged.

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