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Paul Dix
Paul Dix
Kevin Mulryne
Kevin Mulryne

This week, Paul turns his attention to the importance of being relentless with routines in your classroom.

Paul says we need to be relentless because students don’t change overnight. Often, teachers introduce a routine, try and teach it very quickly and are then disappointed when half an hour later the children can’t remember it.

It takes time to create routines in your classroom that are really effective.

relentless routineWhen student teachers are amazed by the behaviour management of experienced teachers which appears to be effortless and almost ‘magical’ what they don’t see is that those expert teachers have been relentless in teaching those routines to the students.

Paul refers to his experience in Pupil Referral Units where new pupils have to be persuaded even to enter the building. The only way to change that behaviour is by gently introducing the smallest steps in routines. To create the situation where that PRU pupil feels able to come into the building may take a few days.

Common teacher mistakes in teaching routines:

  • Teachers try to teach the routines too quickly
  • Teachers give up too quickly
  • The routines only exist in the teacher’s head

The danger of not being explicit immediately about the routines you want to see is that children only find out about them when they ‘do the wrong thing’. They experience constant negative reinforcement of poor behaviour.

The children spend most of their time trying to guess what’s in the teachers head.

It often seems that when you start a new job, the children are compliant. It’s easy to think you don’t have to worry about behaviour management. ..

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