Phonics Fun in the Jungle! PP238

In a great fun episode this week, Tara meets ‘The Jungle Master’ and ‘Kiosk Keef’ AKA Chris and Lewis from Hillcrest Early Years Academy in Lincolnshire.

The Jungle Master, Keef and friends

Chris and Lewis are both Key Stage 1 teachers and they make what they describe as ‘fun phonics videos’. The origins of the approach were in a whole-school phonics focus which promoted the fun and love of phonics in the school by introducing the concept of The Jungle Master who had to take part in the spelling challenges in the events called ‘I’m A Celebrity – Spell Me Out Of Here!’

In order to help the children further, The Jungle Master and Keef took to YouTube to create fun videos to cover as much of the phonics curriculum as possible. You can see the results below and feel free to use the videos in your own teaching!

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