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Paul Dix
Paul Dix
Kevin Mulryne
Kevin Mulryne

On our return to the podcast this week, we get straight under way with a consideration of what it means to ‘pass the buck’ in behaviour management, an interview with Ellie Dix and lots of amazing announcements.

Paul is surprised when he visits institutions that the idea of passing a learner from one teacher to another one higher up the hierarchy still persists. It seems to be that people think the more senior teacher has ‘magic dust’ which they can sprinkle onto the child and return them to the class apologetic and perfectly ready to learn. In Further Education this is done often through the ‘Cause for Concern’ form which means that somebody else has to deal with the behaviour of the learner who wasn’t in the lesson and didn’t observe the incident…

Ellie DixEllie’s Australian Trip

Ellie has recently returned from Australia where she met some great educationalists, found out a lot about Australian education and ran a number of Pivotal taster sessions.


Three Exciting Announcements from Pivotal Education!

1. A New Series of Webinars

A variety of different behaviour management topics are covered in this selection of webinars for teachers, middle managers and senior leaders. First come, first served!

2. Support Hub for NQTs

Roehampton University are using the Pivotal’s new Support Hub to continue engaging with their former trainees in their NQT year. Any other ITT provider who wants to be able to use the tools and resources in the Hub can do so alongside any schools who want to support their NQTs in this way. So schools, universities, Teaching Schools, SCITTs, Teach First schools or anywhere else where teachers are being trained are eligible to use the system. Contact Ellie for more details.

3. Free Behaviour Management Taster Sessions

Ellie is looking for schools who are interested in hosting these twilight sessions. Contact Ellie for more details.

Early notification: Pivotal Conference on 15th July 2015, Bridgend College – Children, Mental Health and Behaviour

Call for speakers! If you are interested in leading a structured conversation at the conference, please contact @PivotalPaul or There is no fee for speakers and all profits from the conference will be given to a mental health charities in Bridgend

Read the full show notes on the Pivotal Education site

Pivotal Podcast Pocketbooks

Pocketbook bundleNewly-created Pivotal Podcast Pocketbooks are now available from Amazon. There will be a huge range of Pocketbooks from Pivotal Education, starting with the edited transcripts of some of the most popular episodes of the podcast.

The idea of releasing written versions of episodes came from listeners who wanted to be able to make notes and use the content in different ways. If you would like a particular episode to be converted into an ebook, please let us know!

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