Jon Tait on Skype and the Global Classroom – PP42

Paul Dix
Paul Dix
Kevin Mulryne
Kevin Mulryne

This week it was great to speak to Jon Tait about his use of Skype and how he has created a Global Classroom.

Jon started off as a sports coach and then had a path through PE teaching to senior leadership in behaviour and ultimately teaching and learning.

Jon was fortunate to be chosen to carry the Olympic Torch in part of its journey in 2012 but he has subsequently seen it as his duty to spread the Olympic message. He still has his Olympic torch and started by visiting local groups such as Guides and Scouts talking about:

  • Friendship
  • Excellence
  • Respect

Jon TaitHe believes this cuts across all ages and boundaries. Jon says it’s almost like being a superhero. The power of the Olympic torch was amazing. This led on to Jon’s ‘Olympic Torch in your Classroom’ project which is how he got involved with Skype. He has appeared via Skype with t he torch in many countries around the world almost 50 times so far.



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