Isolation for behaviour management – PP22

Paul Dix
Paul Dix
Kevin Mulryne
Kevin Mulryne

Our topic of the week is isolation for behaviour management.

This week we tackle the difficult subject of isolation in behaviour management.

Interestingly, nobody ever gave schools permission to use isolation as it is used in some schools toady as part of their behaviour management strategy.

Paul points out that the maximum amount of time you can be locked in your cell in a secure training centre or young offenders’ institution is 3 hours – some schools leave children in isolution booths for 3 days. It’s a somewhat bizarre notion that isolation rooms produce a positive change in pupils’ behaviour – there is absolutely no evidence to back this up.

Paul tells a story about how Lincoln Jail and the hugely damaging effect of their regime of almost total isolation. He speculates that perhaps some schools saw a documentary about Lincoln jail and tried to copy some of the techniques!

It seems completely inhumane – in Holland, you could be prosecuted for imposing isolation techniques on children but in the UK, no-one seems to have questioned what is going on in some schools…

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