Isabella Wallace on NQT issues and Paul Dix on how to get a learner to listen – PP57

Paul Dix
Paul Dix
Kevin Mulryne
Kevin Mulryne

Paul is not able to join me this week as he is unwell so I’ve been rooting around in the Pivotal Podcast archives and I’ve managed to find two great pieces of unreleased audio. The first is from our conversation with Isabella Wallace. We kept her after her great episode on talking less to ask her to respond to a voicemail we received from Mike about NQTs and seating plans.

Isabella Wallace
Isabella recording the podcast episode.

Seating plans

Isabella thinks it’s very useful to have a seating plan when you first meet a class because it’s important to use learners’ names all the time. However, she believes that seating plans should be fluid. It’s important that children don’t know who they will be sitting with and working with. This is because Isabella believes we have a responsibility to get children working with as wide a variety of others as possible.

As teachers, we know that children will work better with certain others for different activities. This is why Isabella doesn’t think blanket advice from outside is helpful. This is particularly worrying because the teacher’s sense of autonomy can be threatened. She has heard teachers begin to ask about how long they should do certain activities, when they should be the experts in knowing how long their classes can be usefully engaged in a task.

Isabella’s controversial view is that…

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