Hywel Roberts in the Time Out Room – PP174

Hywel RobertsThere’s a new flavour to this week’s episode as we join Hywel Roberts who finds himself in the Pivotal Podcast Time Out Room.

Hywel reveals more than ever before about himself and his educational thinking in this fascinating trip into the mind of a man who never ceases to educate and entertain.

Paul asks Hywel some very revealing questions and receives some remarkable responses including tales of appearing in front of a uniformed Chief of Police and how effective Hywel’s mother be in the classroom today.

We also have the first in another new series – Pivotal Trainer, James Clark, gives us a rundown of his initial experiences on a 5 day Pivotal Fastrack Instructors Training Programme.

Finally, Paul is back with some Education News which this week includes the content of Education Secretary, Justine Greening’s recent speech to the Conservative Party Conference.

Contains sounds from the following sources:
storm door slam 02.wav by volivieri is licensed under the Attribution License
birds chirping.WAV by fotis_p is licensed under the Attribution Noncommercial License.
Bird Whistling, A.wav by InspectorJ is licensed under the Attribution License.

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