How to be amazing at interview – PP28

Paul Dix
Paul Dix
Kevin Mulryne
Kevin Mulryne

Our topic of the week is How to be amazing at interview.

There were 7,000 job advertisements in the Times Educational Supplement last week but how can you make sure you do your best at interview? Whatever level of job or course you are applying for, Paul has fool-proof techniques and approaches to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

interviewWhat to wear to an interview

Even before thinking about what you are going to say at interview, think about what you are going to wear.

This is not an opportunity to show how wild and wacky you are in your spare time – nor is it the time to bring out all your matching accessories. Interview panels want to see people who have made an effort. Paul hates wearing ties but does wear them often because first impressions matter to some people.

Similarly, going to an interview in casual dress does not make you look relaxed, it makes you look unprepared.

So, wear the smartest clothes you have, can borrow or can afford to buy.

Plan your interview answers

Most teaching interviews follow a very similar pattern once you get to the interview stage. Rehearse what you are going to say following this 3 stage plan, which are the 3 things the panel will want to know from you:

1. State what you believe. Your first response to any question should be a belief statement. The panel wants to know you have principles on which you base all your actions and attitudes.

2. Explain how your experience to date has brought you to that belief. You should make it clear how you have developed the beliefs – through teaching experience, through reading and through your own personal development. Don’t say how passionate you are – it’s not enough to have passion without a basis of belief gained through experience and learning.

 “When I was working with that child it made me believe that…”

Be specific, use evidence (like real data) and remember the power of an authentic story.

3. If you were appointed, what would you do?

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