How Kiran Gill is continuing to make ‘The Difference’ in PRUs and AP PP256

Photo of Kiran Gill

Kiran began her career in inner-city London, as an English teacher in schools serving the most deprived postcodes in the country.  After five years on the frontline, Kiran left to work in education policy, searching for solutions to the rising number of vulnerable children who fall through the gaps.  Kiran was working at Social Mobility Commission when she conceived the idea for The Difference.  She has led its work full-time since January 2017.

Kiran is driven by her own family experiences. Growing up with two adopted sisters, Kiran witnessed the long-term effects of childhood trauma and the lack of support for young people with complex needs. This insight is what keeps Kiran striving for the most vulnerable children to get the education they deserve.

You can find out more about Kiran and what drove her to set up The Difference in these Schools Week, Guardian and TES interviews, and in these pieces she has written in The Times, Schools Week and TES.

In a detailed and wide-ranging conversation with Pivotal Education’s Mark Bocker, we learn a huge amount about Kiran – her story, what motivates her, hat The Difference stands for and a lot more.

Listen if you believe that we can do much better to support the most vulnerable children in our schools and find out more about The Difference here.

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