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Paul Dix
Paul Dix
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Kevin Mulryne

In a varied episode this week, we managed to catch up with our Educational Technology Correspondent, Chris Mayoh, as well as answering some questions from listeners about tricky parents and Paul shares both a tweet of the week and a strange thing he learned this week.

Student Digital Leaders

Chris introduced the idea of Student Digital Leaders, He says the concept is really quite simple. It’s about capitalising on a skill set and an interest which lots of children of different ages around the globe already have. It’s about children using thes skills and interests for the benefit of themselves, their peers and their teachers.

There should be tech experts in every classroom in the world but that needn’t necessarily always be the teacher.

Chris MayohWe should be devolving some of this to the students to help embed technology into the classroom really effectively. This is more than just being a ‘digital helper’ – it’s about leading the development of technology – maybe:

  • reviewing ICT, technology or whole-school action plans
  • being involved in creating the next year’s action plan
  • training and supporting other children directly in the classroom

It can be a real position of responsibility in schools.

The three categories of teachers Chris has met:

  1. Already keen to embed technology in the classroom – happy to have others involved – a natural process
  2. Find the whole area of students taking any kind of responsibility challenging – the most difficult group to win over – tackled by having others near by proving that Digital Leadership works
  3. Reticent to use technology in the classroom and keen to have an expert in there, even if it is a student who, of course, can have quite high levels of technical knowledge, particularly in Key Stage 3 and 4

What do Digital Leaders actually do?

It’s a great opportunity for students to demonstrate things in school they are good at which fall outside the National Curriculum. These leadership and technical roles are very transferable and can be of great benefit to students moving on to higher education or work.


  • Meet regularly to develop their own technical skills and research new hardware and software – developing ideas…

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