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Paul Dix
Paul Dix
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Kevin Mulryne

We were delighted to welcome back to the podcast our newly-designated Technology Correspondent, Chris Mayoh to talk about two of his areas of expertise, E-Safety and Cyberbullying.

It quickly became clear that Chris wanted to stress these are safeguarding issues, not ICT issues which means that responsibility for them lies with the headteacher of a school and not with an ICT leader, for example.

Issues to do with E-safety which happen outside school can often have an impact in school. This is difficult for schools to manage. Most Cyberbullying takes place outside school, for example, because children’s use of technology is much more likely to be monitored in school.

MacAfee on the Guardian website:

67% of parents allow their children unmonitored access to the Internet.

However, the results of Cyberbullying at home can have massive implications for children at school – these things can and do ‘blow up’ at school and behaviour and learning are impacted on in negative ways.

Paul points out that Pastoral Teams in school now spend a lot of their time dealing with social media Cyberbullying issues. Chris agrees and says that a lot of the bullying issues which have always been present have now moved to a different space.

Chris MayohChris mentions as a particularly problematic service which can be used anonymously but even more worrying for him is a new.

Where can schools start…

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