Blogging with children from Year 1 – 13 with David Mitchell – PP31

Paul Dix
Paul Dix
Kevin Mulryne
Kevin Mulryne

Our topic of the week is Blogging with children from Year 1 – 13 with David Mitchell.

This week we had a fantastic conversation with blogging expert, David Mitchell, also known as @DeputyMitchell on Twitter.

David Mitchell

David believes that blogging can help raise achievement for pupils from as early as possible until the end of their schools careers and beyond. It’s not the software which is important – it’s what you do with it the tool of blogging. He defines a blog as an online platform which is 100% open to the public – and this is essential. This means anyone can read, see hear or watch whatever is on that platform and also – crucially – they can leave comments.

In his experience, comments can be really powerful. Children he has worked with have had comments form people like:

– The German Ambassador to the UK

– Authors like Michael Murpurgo

– Hollywood director James Cameron

– Members of the Royal Family

– TV presenters

– Sports personalities

The ability to get access to experts in the real world, outside schools is very powerful because of its impact on the learners…

Read the rest of the show notes on the Pivotal Education site.

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