Bill Rogers Part 3 – PP223

Paul Dix and Dr. Bill Rogers

In the final of three episodes, Paul concludes his remarkable conversation with the world’s leading authority on behaviour management, Dr. Bill Rogers.

Bill Rogers is an education consultant. A teacher by profession, Bill now lectures widely on discipline and behaviour management issues; classroom management; stress and teaching; colleague support; developing peer-support programs for teachers and developing community-oriented policies for behaviour management, based on whole-school approaches.

He works in every area of education (primary, post-primary and tertiary) conducting in-service programs/seminars for teachers and support staff, lecturing widely at Colleges of Education, Universities and schools, working with parent groups and students in schools.

Bill’s website
Bill’s publications on Amazon UK

“Avoid easy, quick, judgemental blame of colleagues for the behaviour of the children in their classes.”

“Be sensitive to the need for non-judgemental colleague support.”

“Develop a whole school approach to behaviour leadership.”

“The least helpful thing to say to a student who is losing or has lost self control is to say, ‘Calm down’.”

“Encouragement basically gives you the courage to be a person.”

“My best teachers were the ones who didn’t praise me but gave me feedback – even when I was struggling.”

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