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Ben Toettcher

Before introducing Ben, Ollie shares some thoughts on school uniforms; do share your own views in the comments below.

Ben is the new Pivotal Education Head of Sales. He has spent more than 20 years working in International Education. He has a wealth of knowledge about the International Baccalaureate and how it is taught in the UK.

He can see a lot of parallels in the Pivotal approach to his previous work. In the schools he worked in, teachers were from a huge variety of backgrounds but they were bonded and united by a common philosophy. This is the basis of a lot of what Pivotal teaches as well – the importance of culture in schools.

Ben’s move to Pivotal coincides with the relocation to a new office in Kings Langley. Ben believes the new Pivotal offices are much more welcoming for people to visit the team. Pivotal has always visited schools to work with staff. Now there is the opportunity to come away from the school environment and reflect on what is required in the school’s behaviour journey.

Ben is excited about the many ways in which Pivotal can help schools. He wants to make sure Pivotal can get into schools and talk to staff and students even more. He also wants to help develop training using technology after the recent success of Pivotal Flare.

Finally, Ben is the first to take part in out new Pivotal Podcast feature where we ask each guest to read out a short piece of text which means a lot to them. Ben chose No Man is an Island by John Donne.

Connect with Ben:
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