Behaviour management for PGCE students and other trainee teachers – PP8

Paul Dix
Paul Dix
Kevin Mulryne
Kevin Mulryne

Our topic of the week is Behaviour management for PGCE students and other trainee teachers.

This week, Paul talks in depth about aspects of behaviour management which will be helpful to all trainee teachers as well as experienced teachers who want to sharpen up their practice.

He goes through what he calls the ‘basic building blocks of behaviour management’ which include:

1. Move around the room – trying to manage behaviour from behind a desk piled with books is never going to work

2. Meet and greet pupils at the door of the classroom – if you are a trainee teacher working with a teacher, arrange to establish your authority by meeting and greeting the students

3. Agree with the class teacher a way of indicating that you need support

4. Ignore honeymoon periods – just because the first week went well, doesn’t necessarily mean you have ‘cracked’ behaviour management

5. Keep your promises – positive or negative

6. Be enthusiastic but don’t be a children’s party entertainer – the class doesn’t need a Tigger in the room as it probably has a couple of its own already

7. Break the class down into groups early – don’t try to do lots of whole class teaching or explaining the rules – get the pupils working productively as soon as possible

8. Look smart – even if you end up more smartly-dressed than your teacher, you are trying to impress other members of staff, your mentors, the headteacher and Senior Leadership Team and parents

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