ATL’s Kate Quigley and Alison Ryan on Great CPD – PP54

Paul Dix
Paul Dix
Kevin Mulryne
Kevin Mulryne

ATL’s National Learning Manager, Kate Quigley and Senior Policy Advisor, Alison Ryan joined us to talk about the Continuing Professional Development opportunities the ATL offers to its members and also about what makes great CPD and how we know when it is great.

Paul wonders what Kate considers a union like ATL’s role is in teacher CPD. Kate says that ATL recognises that teachers are professionals and as part of that they need to have a continuum of professional development. ATL demonstrate what they think that continuum could look like. They work with high quality providers to offer CPD from Initial Teacher Training and NQT level to school leadership.

CPD is best when it is tailored to the needs of the individual as well as the needs of the school.

Kate Quigley
Kate Quigley

ATL believes that teachers should have a contractual right to CPD. The single biggest influence on teaching and learning is having high quality teaching and this is about teachers maintaining their skills and knowledge. So it’s important to have a contractual right to dedicated time to research a subject, work with expert colleagues and to be free to innovate.

Shape Education

Alison Ryan
Alison Ryan

Kate describes and explains the ‘Shape Education‘ vision ATL has developed. It’s all about what ATL members think education should look like – what education is for and about.

Independent schools

Paul asks if ATL members who work in independent schools share the same passion for CPD as those in state schools. Kate replies that the whole teaching profession is a learning profession. By nature, all teachers want to learn, to develop and improve their practice.

What style of CPD do ATL members say they want?

Face-to-face training is the preference of the majority of ATL members…

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